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Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Tornado Takes Out Matt Stillwell Tour Bus

Matt Stillwell at Capone's

Maybe you've seen Matt Stillwell's tour bus parked on East Main Street in Johnson City any given Friday or Saturday night for the last few years.  Maybe you've even been on it.  The Sylva, North Carolina native has been playing shows in the Tri-Cities long before his hit single "Shine" was on the radio, most recently at Capone's.  We've certainly had a great time hanging out with Matt every time he comes to town.  He's kissed one of us while exiting the stage after a performance.  One of our photographers got herself a Stillwell tattoo.  Unfortunately, those stories will have to wait for another day.

Matt was getting his tour bus serviced in East Bernstadt, Kentucky on Friday when deadly tornadoes blew threw town.  His bus was mostly destroyed, but thankfully, everyone survived.  He tweeted a picture of the devestation.

The tornadoes destroyed thousands of homes in multiple states and took 39 lives.  "Thankfully my friends and band are all OK and our bus is completely replaceable, but lives, homes and businesses are gone and that's a shame," Stillwell said. "I'm praying for everyone involved."

We would like to echo Matt's sentiments and look forward to seeing him back in the Tri-Cities soon.

h/t The Boot

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