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What We Do.
TriCitiesNights is a media website about your fun! -- Events, Entertainment, Nightlife, Music and Dining! -- We can plan your immediate social future and capture the memories you'll make. Browse events to find a fun concert this weekend, or browse places for a new place to eat! Search the photos to relive what you did last week or maybe even a few years ago. Find that local band you heard once but couldn't remember their name. The possibilities are endless!
Why Online Marketing?
You have unprecendented control in targeting your audience maximizes the return on your marketing dollars!
Compared to print and broadcast advertising, online advertising through display banners is much cheaper!
You maintain a unique ability to track and measure your ad exposure resulting in easy campaign scalability!
Why TriCitiesNights?
TriCitiesNights reaches 25% of the entire Tri-Cities population -- the most popular non-news local website with 40,000 unique visitors and in excess of 1.5 million page views every month. Our brand will continue to grow as we extend our reach and add more exciting features.
TriCitiesNights reaches the most eclectic of demographic groups in the Tri-Cities area ranging from students to professionals at some of our region's finest businesses. 51% of TriCitiesNights.com users are age 34 and under, with 49% being 35 and older.
Online advertising with many of our region's media outlets can reach up to $25 CPM (or cost per 1,000 times your advertisement is viewed). TriCitiesNights offers many cost-effective advertising options ranging from $3-$6 CPM. Full site and special section sponsorships are also available.
Including TriCitiesNights in your marketing plan comes with more than just a banner advertisement on our website. Our clients enjoy a strong commitment by us to promote and support your business with social media and word of mouth.
For more information on how a partnership with TriCitiesNights can benefit you, contact us at [email protected] or use our contact us form.
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