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Friday, July 22, 2016
Lacey Sturm at Patton-Crosswhite VFW

Christian rock artist Lacey Sturm stopped by Bristol in support of her debut solo album Life Screams; which hit shelves back in February. Though it was a dark rainy Saturday, fans came in droves. I’ve always been a fan of Flyleaf and just Lacey in general.

Us short rock girls have to stick together! I’d never had the chance to see her perform in the past. I was definitely looking forward to the show and excited to step foot in a venue I’d never been to. Sadly, I arrived to the ending of the Knoxville band Among the Beasts’ set. But, judging by the cheers and their previous shows I’ve been to, it sounded like a great time.

Next up was a newly formed band hailing from Greeneville, TN, Lost In Silence. If guitarist and vocalist Les Ford looks familiar to you, you may have been to a Star City Meltdown show in the past. His new project consists of 4 friends coming together who want to put heart and soul back into music.

The lineup consists of Tim Shelton on guitar, Alex Keys on drums and Dave Athon on bass, vocals and keys. The band is sure to become a local favorite. One of my favorite parts of their set was the cover of Adele’s “Hello” -- That was certainly a surprise!

Next up was Lacey. There’s no doubt the mother of two still has it. It’s like she never took a break from the music scene. Performing tons tracks from Life Screams, including “Impossible,” “Vanity,” “Faith,” “You Are Not Alone,” and a great cover of The Police’s “Roxanne”.

She also performed Flyleaf hits “Chasm,” “All Around Me,” and a medley to close out the show. If Lacey is performing at a festival or venue near you, I highly recommend catching the show. You won’t regret it!

For upcoming Lacey Sturm shows visit her website www.LaceySturm.com or keep with her and the band on social media.

Click here to see the full album of photos from the night below.

Lacey Sturm
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